Andrew Riemer

Andrew Riemer

is a writer and critic. He lives in Sydney.

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Andrew Riemer, a former academic, is a critic, writer and translator. He was for many years the Chief Book Reviewer of The Sydney Morning Herald. He lives in Sydney.

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Cloud Cuckoo Land Pastoral

'In place of the dystopian world of post-Soviet Moscow in Dog Boy, Hornung’s new novel land us in a cloud cuckoo land pastoral. Of course, pastorals, no matter how Arcadian, always have their darker sides. This is no exception. The Last Garden begins with a murder-suicide.'

His Stupid Boyhood: A Memoir by Peter Goldsworthy

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His Stupid Boyhood is a memoir of the first eighteen years of Goldsworthy’s life and it shares several characteristics of his fiction. It also incorporates some striking poems, perhaps the best writing the book has to offer.