Update: Catriona Menzies-Pikeemerging critics fellowships

2017 CA-SRB Emerging Critics Fellowships: Shortlist

It’s my great pleasure to announce the shortlist for the 2017 CA-SRB Emerging Critics Fellowships:

Shu-Ling Chua (ACT)

Daniel Davis Wood (NSW)

Stephanie Guest (Vic)

Justine Hyde (Vic)

Rita Horanyi (SA)

Darius Sepehri (NSW)

Barnaby Smith (NSW)

Robert Wood (WA)

Congratulations to the shortlisted critics! The applications for the fellowships impressed with their critical acuity, their literary qualities, their curiosity and their diversity. My thanks are due to the fellowship judges, Ben Etherington, Michelle Cahill and Shannon Burns, for reading and appraising the applications with care and diligence.

Three $3000 fellowships will be awarded, each to an applicant from a different state. The names of the fellowship recipients will be announced on 15 August 2017.