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Alexis Harley is the author of Autobiologies: Charles Darwin and the Natural History of the Self. She lectures in English Literature at La Trobe University and works at the intersection of literary and scientific discourses from the late eighteenth century on, with a particular interest in how cultures of aesthetics and emotions have shaped how people ‘know’ ‘nature’.

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The New Natural Histories of Mushrooms

Fungi are integral to the functioning of ecosystems; we ignore them (and it seems that in our environmental legislation we do ignore them) at our peril. But this ignoring, sometimes bordering on outright hostility, is being slowly, partially corrected by a literature on fungi and a culture of fungal regard emerging (shiitake-style) from the woodwork (a woodwork they will perhaps go on to devour, if they’ve learnt anything from the wood-rotting fungi that Pouliot proudly claims have sunk more ships than all the naval battles since 1600).