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Andrew Pippos lives in Sydney. His writing has appeared in N+1, Tin House, Meanjin, The Millions, Electric Literature and Catapult.

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Brother to Children: A Case Study

The brothers turned the school into an Elsewhere: a place removed from the rest of the world, stuck in a different time, where the worst of them could behave as they pleased. As a boy I didn’t know what Kostka was doing to other students, couldn’t see the depths of his abuse beyond creepy and menacing displays like the one above. The news stories, the stories shared with friends in bars late at night — all of that came later. Now, when I think of Marist, I can remember the straw-like carpet in the junior school; the pebblecrete floor in the canteen, a surface that the tide of students had worn away here and there: attached to even such innocuous pictures is the presence of the brothers, who seemed to preside over everything in the Elsewhere they’d built.