Anna Clark

Anna Clark

is a Future Fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney.

About Anna Clark

Anna Clark is a Future Fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is the co-author of History Wars (2003) and the author of History’s Children: History Wars in the Classroom (2008). Her current research, Every Now and Then: Navigating History in Australia, explores Australians’ historical consciousness in the context of public debates about the past.

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The Honest History Book Cover

Trench Warfare: The Honest History Book

'It seems we are living through a near perfect storm of Anzac historical consumption, with a number of factors working in concert. First, Australian historical narratives have been deeply challenged by the emergence and power of Indigenous historical perspectives, especially since the 1970s and 1980s. Australia’s ‘origin story’, once characterised by discovery, nascent democracy and workers’ rights, has been powerfully reimagined by Indigenous writers and rights activists as a narrative of invasion and dispossession.'

Forgotten War by Henry Reynolds cover

An epic forgetting: Forgotten War & The Black War

The recent skirmishes over the meaning of Anzac Day and the implementation of the national history curriculum suggest that Forgotten War is unlikely to dampen the flames of historiographical contest. But Reynolds claims that Nicholas Clements’ Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania will do just that. In contrast to Reynolds’ overview of the frontier wars, Clements has chosen just one — Tasmania’s ‘Black War’ — and has reached deep into the archives to produce a painstakingly researched social history of this episodic conflict.