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Bill Harding once wrote send ups of TV shows for school friends to read. He sent one to a TV comedy show. Bits got used. He was is 15, didn’t have a phone and the cheque genuinely was in the mail. He found out he’d become a screenwriter when he was watching TV and saw his name in the credits. This triggered decades of writing, mostly for television and the stage. Fifty-two years later he is finishing his first novel. 


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Two Lives in the Cross

The Cross that I remember was rather pretty in those days, with dress shops and gift shops and sweet little trees lining Darlinghurst Road, far from the interestingly ugly place it became during the R&R days in the late sixties and early seventies. Back in the fifties it was marvellous, the most interesting spot in Sydney. If you wanted to buy a smart gift, the Cross was where you went; it had coffee lounges, cinemas, restaurants, clubs – and even then it had its seamy side, but what wasn’t wonderful about that?

Edgewater flats, Elizabeth Bay, 1937. Photographer: Sam Hood. Via State Library NSW.