Evelyn Juers

Evelyn Juers

is the author of House of Exile (2009) and The Recluse (2012).

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Evelyn Juers is the author of House of Exile (2009) and The Recluse (2012).

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The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf book cover

Wild Things

'It doesn't matter that Wulf's The Invention of Nature is a bit breathless in keeping up with its dazzling hero, and a bit coy about his relationships, because above all the book is intelligent, an optimistic history, well researched, well written, and an ecological cri de coeur.'

Forms of surveillance

Its emphasis on Brecht’s genius and illnesses, its build-up of a multitude of medical, sexual, psychological, literary, intellectual, political and historical stories, produces a kind of Gulliverian perspective: Parker’s Brecht is like a huge Swiftian creature taking prodigious strides through monstrous times.

Nature’s art

In earlier times, the sciences were studied in close relation to one another. Although we have been assiduously separating scientific fields... their links are more important now than ever before. And those who observe these links... are becoming as interesting to us as the birds and plants and environmental issues that have focussed their attention. What draws them and us to nature?

Tripped up, tripped out

Is it worthy of Australia's most prestigious literary award? Read Evelyn Juers' review of the 2013 Miles Franklin Literary Award winning novel.