Felicity Castagna

Felicity Castagna

is the author of The Incredible Here and Now and received The Prime Minister's Award for Literature (YA) in 2014.

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Felicity Castagna’s latest book The Incredible Here and Now received The Prime Minister’s Award for Literature (YA) in 2014. Her stage adaptation of the book will premier at The National Theatre of Parramatta next year. Her next novel No More Boats is forthcoming with Giramondo in March, 2017. She holds a PhD from the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University.

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Book cover: The Place on Dalhousie by Melina Marchetta

È una casa per la mia famiglia:
A house for my family

‘The different cultures thing,’ as Josie called it in Looking For Alibrandi, has become far more complex and nuanced in The Place on Dalhousie. This novel is still full of driving Nonna to bingo parties and sugo cooking in the kitchen but there is far less overt discussion of the problems of navigating hybridity. There is no pressure to conform to any cultural expectations, in part because Rosie has lost much of that connection to her migrant community through the death of her parents. She is ‘the last Gennaro of her family and the second last on her mother’s side. When Rosie and Nonna Eugenia die, there’ll be none of them left. So much for big Italian families.’

We are here and we are significant

Long before those postcards of Bondi Beach and Sydney Harbour co-opted our image of Sydney, Parramatta was its watery centre.