Felicity Plunkett

Felicity Plunkett

is a poet and critic.

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Felicity Plunkett is a poet and critic. Her debut collection Vanishing Point (2009) won the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Prize and was shortlisted for several other awards. She is the editor of Thirty Australian Poets (2011).

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Abandon Me by Melissa Febos

To Resilience – and Beyond!

In Li’s, Friedmann’s and Febos’ work, the polyvocal I draws together facets of self and subjectivity, braiding them, while unbraiding simpler notions of a singular, truthful I. As reticence and disclosure speak together, or loss and hope, or the I and we of postmemory and of empathy, form becomes capacious.

Hold Still by Sally Mann

Feral with vulnerability: Nelson, O’Shaughnessy and Mann

Tame love and secure form on one hand, wildness, danger and formlessness on the other.

Report from the Interior by Paul Auster

Second Murders: Report from the Interior by Paul Auster

In Report from the Interior, Auster describes the impact of his Jewishness on his remembering and subjectivity. He stands apart from the typical American boy he has hitherto imagined himself to be. His younger self does not attempt to resist this separateness. He refuses to blend in with the assumed and compulsory Christianity of his education.

In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame

Angela will be livid: In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame

In the Memorial Room is both literally and figuratively posthumous. It centres around themes of creativity, being a writer, and a writer’s posthumous memorialisation. Frame wrote the novel in 1973, but did not allow its publication during her lifetime.

Hannah and Emil by Belinda Castles

The archeology of memory: Hannah and Emil

Belinda Castles’ Hannah and Emil is prefaced by the story of Flora, a newly-pregnant Sydneysider. Flora receives a parcel containing a bequest in the form of her grandmother Hannah’s battered suitcase. It is filled with objects and a ‘mess of loose, crumpled papers, photographs’...