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Jonathan Dunk is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, where he teaches literature and critical theory. His scholarship, fiction and poetry have been published in Meanjin, JASAL, Southerly, Plumwood Mountain, the ABR, Cordite, Australian Poetry, shortlisted for the Overland Victoria University prize, and awarded the A.D. Hope prize. He lives on Wangal country. 

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I leave the path to cut east through the scrub. The distant train thunders behind me: it’s west. I have a compass on a length of guy line around my neck, and another in my pack. I don’t use them because I want to find the waterfall without help, as a test of memory or bushcraft, or some pointless Oedipal echo of an old atavism. Environment as a theatre of bloodymindedness: a thought as foreign to Dharawal as I am.