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Jonno Revanche is a writer/editor, cultural critic and multidisciplinary artist originally from Adelaide/Kaurna land. Most of their work looks at literary and sub-cultural movements from outside metropolitan hubs, they are interested in unlikely occurring subcultures and phenomena, and they are trying to facilitate as many moments of beauty and awe as can be possible under the reign of digital casino capitalism. They write frequently for Guardian Australia, SBS Life, Teen Vogue and Krass Journal.

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Practical Cataclysms: Sisters of No Mercy and Highway Bodies

'Speculative fictions like Sisters of No Mercy and Highway Bodies can help us to think in new ways about trans lives and families... They show that the infinitesimal choices of solidarity are ultimately life-saving: we can find meaning and security in the sharpened looks of our peers, in knowledge sharing and maneuvering and organising, and in self-belief.'