Julie Koh

Julie Koh

Julie Koh is the author of Capital Misfits and Portable Curiosities.

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Julie Koh is the author of Capital Misfits and Portable Curiosities. The latter was shortlisted for the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction, the Steele Rudd Award in the Queensland Literary Awards, and the UTS Glenda Adams Award in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. Julie was named a 2017 Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist. Her short stories have appeared in the Best Australian Stories in 2014 to 2017, and Best Australian Comedy Writing. She is the editor of BooksActually’s Gold Standard and a founding member of Kanganoulipo.

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C is for Cockroach

‘I decide to live, for now, as a German cockroach, or Blattela germanica. The name is derived from the Latin germa, meaning crawling, and blat, meaning pieces of shit. The downside of my choice is that I will be unable to fly.’