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Kim Cheng Boey migrated from Singapore to Australia in 1997. He taught Creative Writing at the University of Newcastle for 14 years before joining Nanyang Technological University in 2016. His latest book is Gull Between Heaven and Earth, based on the life of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu.

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Wedged Between the Old and the New

In the career of a poet, the third and fourth books are usually where a certain maturity of voice and style is reached, and a staking out of key thematic ground is achieved. Chong’s formal mastery, her stanzaic control, the deft handling of lyric form, and the use of understated narrative, qualities evolved from the first two collections, are more fully honed in Painting Red Orchids and Rainforest. In a time when younger poets favour ellipsis and discontinuity, when there prevails a distrust of autobiography and narrative in poetry, Chong has, over a quartet of books, crafted a fragmented narrative of migration and settlement, and made of the lyric form a vehicle for the quest for home and belonging.