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Kyriaco Nikias is a writer and scholar with an interest in language and power. He writes about Greek history, its society, and its culture, from early antiquity until today. Recently he has published on the voice of the people in Homer, on sensuality in Cavafy, and on ancient Greek law.

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The Many Lives of
Constantine Cavafy:
What’s Left of the Night
by Ersi Sotiropoulos

Sotiropoulos has tried to make the poet fit to the well-rehearsed script for a developing artist, forcing him into a kind of made-to-measure character. This Cavafy wholly unfits both the polemical character we meet in the poems or the introspective creative method by which they were formed. But if there is hope between the lines of this attempt to cleanse and appropriate the poet, it is that the book shows that it can only be done at a stretch.