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Lauren Michele Jackson teaches in the Departments of English and African American Studies at Northwestern University. She holds a PhD in English language and literature from the University of Chicago. Her writing about race and culture has appeared in the Atlantic, New Yorker, Paris Review, Essence, New Republic, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, and New York magazine, among many other places. She lives in Chicago.

Photo: Jorge I. Cotte.

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The Hipster

‘The appropriation of black language cannot be stopped, except only if we were to leave for Mars and never come back. At issue isn’t the transmission, but the vacuous want behind it – as if black culture lives to rescue mass culture from boredom. Surely there exists some ethical method for taking on the words of others – white America has yet to find it. For the curse to be undone, the desire must be undone, and undoing the desire means taking a knife to its insides and learning what it’s full of.’