Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton

is a poet whose first collection Press Release won the Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry.

About Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton is a poet whose first collection Press Release won the Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry; she is the author of Cloudland, a novel for children, and an essayist and reviewer. Her latest novel is The Life of Houses (2015).

Articles about Lisa Gorton

Inhabiting Spirits

‘Gorton’s way of seeing the world and of naming its parts is the quality that sets her debut novel apart from the mass of fiction currently being published in Australia… Most contemporary novels favour substance a long way over style, which can lead to a lot of commonplace sentences. But as one might expect from a poet, Gorton’s every sentence – and not just every sentence, but every phrase and every word – has been turned this way and that in the light of her attention and fitted to the next with the precision of a mosaicist.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy on Lisa Gorton’s The Life of Houses.

Haunted rooms

Memory, imagination, dreaming, invention and protean makings: such preoccupations are at the heart of Lisa Gorton’s new poetry collection, Hotel Hyperion. This relatively short and condensed book returns again and again... to related tropes and imagery: weather, mirrors, rooms, crystals, hauntings and strange effects of light.

Articles by Lisa Gorton

Christina Stead The Little Hotel Cover

The Hunted Months

On Christina Stead’s The Little Hotel.

Philip Hodgins: Mettle

Philip Hodgins’ poetry is alive with strange images, jolts of perception, sudden beautiful cadences. And his poetry is frightening. I mean not supernatural fear but the intimate animal fear we have for our own bodies, the fear of pain and the fear of death.

Waiting for the Past by Les Murray


Riddles are at the heart of Les Murray’s poetry: that language-gift of his, which shows words to be sounds that strangely hold for us those meanings that we attribute to the world. As he remarks in his poem ‘The Meaning of Existence’: 'Everything except language / knows the meaning of existence'.

Cumulus: Collected Poems by Robert Gray cover

Precarious images

Leaving home, returning home, catching trains and ferries, watching the weather from the window of a hospital or hotel room, renewal and self-betrayal: these are the starting places of Gray’s poetry.