Luke Slattery

Luke Slattery

is a Sydney journalist and writer.

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Luke Slattery is a Sydney journalist and writer. He has published three books, the latest of which is Reclaiming Epicurus: Could an ancient philosophy of happiness save the world? (2013).

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The Hotel Years by Joseph Roth

Writing About Elsewhere: The Hotel Years by Joseph Roth

‘Now that Joseph Roth has been thoroughly absorbed into English, it seems right to ask whether there is a more joyously unbridled – and a more appealing – writer of narrative fiction in the literary tradition.’ Luke Slattery on a new translation of Joseph Roth’s non-fiction.

Years of Lead: Leonardo Sciascia

25 years after Leonardo Sciascia's death, Granta has reissued most of his translated titles. These short, acrid tales are written in a dry Stendhalian style. Braided around their assured plotlines are philosophical dialogues on morality and politics, justice and mortality: universal themes with a distinctive Sicilian inflexion.

The Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos by Patrick Leigh Fermor

In defiance of time: The Broken Road
by Patrick Leigh Fermor

The finest travel narrative of the twentieth century can at last be read in full in the second decade of the twenty-first, some 80 years after the events it describes...