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Madeleine Gray is a writer and critic, who holds a Masters (with Distinction) in English Literature from the University of Oxford. She has previously written for the Lifted Brow, Curve, and the Human Rights Defender. She is a current recipient of the 2019 CA-SRB Emerging Critics Fellowship, and of the J B Watt University of Sydney Travelling Scholarship. She is based in Sydney.

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My Brilliant Gal Pal:
Attraction by Ruby Porter

It is like an inverted and far more complicated version of Sedgwick’s erotic triangle (in which two men bond over their rivalry for a female’s affection). What I keep seeing is variations on this: two young women, both of them queer or queer-adjacent, intensely connected and wavering between the platonic and the erotic; and then the added complication of an older straight man, with whom one of the women sleeps.

Book cover: The Thinking Woman by Julienne van Loon

All the Feels:
Julienne van Loon and Kate Richards

‘However, while van Loon gifts us with an invigorated capacity to see the ways in which the ascription of femininity is used as a slight in cultural valuation, an alternative approach – a kind of resistance to binaries by seeking out their connections – also emerges in her work.’

Sam George-Allen and Bri Lee

Both George-Allen and Lee are describing their experiences of realisation, of revelation, of feminist wonderment: that the way our culture has been built relies on the systemic mistrust of women.