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Peter Boyle

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Peter Boyle is a Sydney-based poet and translator of poetry. His most recent book Ghostspeaking was awarded the 2017 New South Wales Premier’s Prize.

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Ghostspeaking by Peter-Boyle book cover

A Kaleidoscope of Experience: Ghostspeaking by Peter Boyle

'In this new work,  Peter Boyle looks away from the centres of Anglophone poetry that so often form the tradition with which Australian poets place themselves in conversation, and instead seeks alternate points of correspondence. The eleven ‘fictive’ poets that he conjures for his reader here are poets that are exist in ‘translation’, from non-existent bodies of work in Spanish and French... The twelfth voice that stitches them together, that of the ‘translator’ we may as well call Peter Boyle, is equally fictive, equally real.'

Articles by Peter Boyle

Have Been and Are by Brook Emery book cover

An Amazing Shorthand

'Like some austere ancestor, venerated, often denigrated, notoriously difficult and spiky, philosophy has the reputation for being rational and analytic, seeking an entirely objective account of things as they are. Poetry is, for many, the most subjective form of writing, heavily reliant on emotion rather than cool reasoning.'