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Peter Goldsworthy’s most recent book is the novel Minotaur.  His 1995 novel Wish is available as a Text Classic; his 1989 novel Maestro as an Angus and Robertson Australian Classic. Steve Rodgers’ adaptation of his 1991 novella Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam will be staged as part of Belvoir St Theatre’s 2020 season.

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She and Her Man: Foe

There are many ways to read Foe (1986), which has a shifting choose-your-own-strange-and-surprising-adventure flavour to it; I’ve tried a few. My favourite is to reverse-engineer Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe from the perspective of the castaway Susan Barton’s account of her very different experience of Cruso in Coetzee’s novel. Putting the chronological cart before the horse (a method that owes something to Jorge Luis Borges’s deadpan comic masterpiece Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote), we realise that Robinson Crusoe would have been a much duller book (not that it is free of unabridged longueurs) if Defoe had not first read Coetzee’s Foe and fictionalised and glamourised Barton’s account of her largely adventure-free time marooned on the island, in order to create a more ripping yarn.