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Ronnie Scott is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at RMIT University and the founder of The Lifted Brow, an independent literary magazine. His novel The Adversary will be published by Penguin Random House in 2020.


Photo credit: Gina Cawley.

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Vegan the cookbook

Cookbooks of the Damned

While ideas don’t change all at once, they don’t just change alone, and some wave of slow change has been moving through the world, stripping the vegan of their ascetic tone and dressing them in liveliness, industriousness and fun. Like the pilot, the vegan accesses a special level of the world, an open sky of free passage and moral certainty. Like the skies, this level is attainable in theory, but in practice appears distant and inhospitable, the instruments for getting there arcane. As with gods, we find earthly ways to sample its texture.