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Shane Maloney is the author of the award-winning and much-loved Murray Whelan series—StiffThe Brush-OffNice Try, The Big Ask, Something Fishy and Sucked In. In 1996 The Brush-Off won the Ned Kelly Prize for Fiction and in 2009 Maloney was presented with the Crime Writers’ Association of Australia Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been published in the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Finland and the US.

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Whispering in the Wind by Alan Marshall

Great Galloping Bush Whiskers

'Like any self-respecting once-upon-a-time story, this one takes place in a world that is both strange and familiar, where the commonplace becomes magical and the most remarkable things are normal. Our hero, Peter, is a young boy who dwells in a snug little bark hut deep in the bush with Crooked Mick, an old bushman and the greatest buckjump rider in all the world.'