Tegan Bennett Daylight

Tegan Bennett Daylight

is a fiction writer, critic and teacher.

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Tegan Bennett Daylight is a writer, teacher and critic. Her latest essay, The Difficulty is the Point, was published in the Guardian in December 2017.

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Essayism by Brian Dillon

A Mole, A Viper, A Toad: Brian Dillon’s Essayism

I am so grateful to have been, at last, the right reader for Essayism. It is Dillon’s life preserver, thrown to himself, and it is joyfully, wonderfully good.

Consider This: Helen Garner’s Cosmo Cosmolino

‘Helen Garner is known for her shape-shifting – or rather for her genre-shifting. She moves between fiction and non-fiction, making choices about genre in a way that might seem arbitrary to some readers, but to the close reader is most certainly not. Always up for debate is the notion that while a fine fiction writer, Garner does not write novels. This essay is an attempt to engage with this argument, using Garner’s 1992 novel Cosmo Cosmolino as its focus.’

The Golden Age by Joan London

Fully present, utterly connected: The Golden Age by Joan London

It is important to note that despite its setting, The Golden Age is not a misery novel. It does not tell a story of abuse, and although it gives us a candid and painful account of Frank’s suffering, both as a small boy hidden from Nazis in 1940s Budapest and a few years later as a polio patient, it does not ask us to be either voyeur or fellow-sufferer. The Golden Age is a story about Frank’s dawning and intensely vivid realisation of self.

Tenth of December by George Saunders Cover

The Worst That Could Happen: Tenth of December by George Saunders

The classic Saunders story, like a classic Dr Seuss, is most easily distinguished by the author’s use of language, where he is brilliantly at work on several levels. Saunders has what Thomas Pynchon calls ‘an astoundingly tuned voice’.