Vijay Mishra

Vijay Mishra

Professor Vijay Mishra is Chair of English Literature at Murdoch University.

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Professor Vijay Mishra is Chair of English Literature at Murdoch University and Fellow of the Australian Humanities Academy. He has held Visiting Professorships/Fellowships at the University of Wales, the University of California, Santa Cruz, the University of Otago, Universitat des Saarlandes, University of Technology, Sydney,  and  the Australian National University and was a tenured tenured full Professor of English at the University of Alberta for two years. In 2013 he was the  Christensen Professorial Fellow at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University and in 2015 he held the  Erich Auerbach  Visiting Chair of Global Literary Studies at Tuebingen University (Hegel, Holderlin  and Pope Benedcit XVI’s alma mater).

His many books on literary and cultural studies include Dark Side of the Dream: Australian Literature and the Postcolonial Mind (1991, with Bob Hodge), The Gothic Sublime (1994), Devotional Poetics and the Indian Sublime (1998), Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire (2002), The Literature of the Indian Diaspora: Theorizing the Diasporic Imaginary (2007), and What Was Multiculturalism? (2012). Having completed a large manuscript on Salman Rushdie, his next project is a book on V S Naipaul funded by an Australian Research Council  Discovery Grant (2017-2019).

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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy book cover

Love Gets Slanted: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

'The novel is a genre in the making, this much we know; it is a crucible for metaphysics as well as history; but its heart, its soul lies in itself and in its capacity to undercut monological points of view. Sadly the undercutting is missing in The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and the ideological celebration, the activist impulse, is all one-sided. There is no acknowledgement of a nation desperately trying to hold itself together.'