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Darius Sepehri is a PhD candidate in the International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies program at the University of Sydney, where he is writing a doctoral thesis focusing on literary and philosophical influences between Europe and the Near East. He was born in Iran and moved to Australia early, and has retained an abiding passion for Persian culture and poetry as well as for English and world poetry, writing, film, religions, art history, philosophy, and the natural world. He placed second in the 2017 Australian Book Review Calibre Essay Prize for his essay ‘To Speak of Sorrow’.

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The Middle Parts of Fortune

In The Middle Parts of Fortune, Manning extended the technique of dialectic he used in Scenes and Portraits beyond intellectual speculation. The novel counterbalances its contrasting worldviews tightly and with maximum tension, but delicately and plausibly so, without making any of its characters mere mouthpieces for points of view. It also gives us a fleeting view, as if through breaking clouds, of a spiritual promise and a love that the forlorn, desolating inferno of war cannot ever remove or conquer.

Heaven, in a way, by Rodney Hall