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We love what we do. We want to keep the SRB open-access to all readers and to maintain a vigorous, relevant program. Reader donations are a vital supplement to the funding we receive from government and private agencies. You can make a tax-deductible donation to support the SRB here.

The Sydney Review of Books has been online since early 2013. In that time we’ve published close to a thousand reviews, essays and interviews by hundreds of Australia’s best critics and writers.

We love what we do and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built. We want to maintain a vigorous, relevant program in the years to come – and we don’t want to put the SRB behind a paywall.

That’s why this month we are reaching out to SRB readers. We’re asking readers to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Sydney Review of Books. All reader donations will be directed to our contributor budget, not production or administrations costs. Donations will allow us to keep the SRB free for all readers and to pay our writers what they deserve.

Make a donation here.

Why now?

We’ve never asked readers to support the SRB before. So why are we launching this campaign now?

Like many other cultural organisations, the SRB has been forced rapidly to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis and to contend with arts funding cuts across the board. The public arts funding environment is unpredictable and we do not expect any surprise stimulus packages for the literary sector to fall out of the sky.

Let’s be transparent here. A bedrock of financial support for the SRB is provided by Western Sydney University, which pays the SRB’s staff salaries. That institutional backing has put the SRB in a much more secure position than many of our peers in the sector and means that we remain competitive in our applications for grant funding. As our production overheads are very low, over 90% of our grant funding is paid directly to writers. Even so, we are looking at budget cuts that will reduce the scope of our programming in the years ahead.

How will your donation help?

Reader donations will allow us to commission more critics to write original, informed, challenging criticism of new works of Australian and international literature.

It’s a complicated time to be seeking reader donations. We know that many worthy cultural and community organisations need urgent support and that critical culture may not be a priority for all readers right now. If you are not in a position to make a donation to the SRB, please consider sharing information about the campaign on social media to spread the word.

How can I donate?

Make a donation here.

Donations to the journal made through Western Sydney University are tax deductible – and all donations will go directly to our contributor budget for 2021. If you have any questions about the campaign, please email us at