Geoff Page

Geoff Page

is based in Canberra and has published 21 collections of poetry as well as two novels and five verse novels.

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Geoff Page is based in Canberra and has published 21 collections of poetry as well as two novels and five verse novels. He has won the Grace Leven Prize and the Patrick White Literary Award, among others. His recent books include A Sudden Sentence in the Air: Jazz Poems (2011), Coda for Shirley (2011), Cloudy Nouns (2012), 1953 (2013), Improving the News (2013) and New Selected Poems (2013). His Aficionado: A Jazz Memoir is forthcoming from Picaro Press.

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Fourteen of the Best:
Les Murray’s Collected Poems

'How then to deal with this vast collection of poems? Synecdoche may be the best approach. I’ve long asserted both privately and in print, and not always light-heartedly, that it is only by the poet’s best fourteen poems that he or she is remembered. Of course, the number is arbitrary; it could be thirteen,  fifteen or twenty but certainly not forty. A few poets have had to be posthumously content with one or two. Over time, however, due mainly to the work of successive anthologists and a few scholars, the poems that may once have filled six collections, or thirty, are filtered back to the fourteen or so that will reappear in anthologies every few years for the next century or two. This is not just laziness among compilers. There are good reasons why these fourteen should be re-run. Which then are Murray’s fourteen? I'

Charlie Twirl by Alan Gould book cover

Canberra, Schooled

'It would seem then that, after fifty years or so, the so-called ‘Canberra School’ is still loosely ‘conservative’, though that single and somewhat pejorative adjective massively oversimplifies the variety to be found here. These new collections by Alan Gould, John Foulcher, Paul Cliff and Melinda Smith are all fine examples of the strength and diversity of poetry to be found in our capital city (and its regions) at the moment. The ‘Canberra School of Poetry’ may never have quite existed but clearly something substantial has.'

Poems 1957 — 2013 by Geoffrey Lehmann

A user of masks: Poems 1957 — 2013
by Geoffrey Lehmann

Geoffrey Lehmann’s Poems 1957–2013 is a great opportunity to do two things: enjoy a lot of memorable Australian poems ranging across more than half a century and to examine the trajectory of a long and now completed career.

Night Writing by Kathryn Lomer

Reverse the skin: Night Writing
by Kathryn Lomer

Night Writing is divided into five thoughtfully arranged sections which nevertheless bleed into one another. The first, entitled ‘The mother hand’, is something of a miscellany, foreshadowing several themes and concerns that re-appear later — among them parenthood, unrequited love, significant childhood episodes, and tributes to other women of courage and achievement.