Jane Gleeson-White

Jane Gleeson-White

is a writer with degrees in literature and economics.

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Jane Gleeson-White is an internationally acclaimed writer and author of Six Capitals (2014), Double Entry (2011), Australian Classics (2007) and Classics (2005). She was the fiction editor of Overland literary journal from 2010 to 2012, has edited many fiction and non-fiction books, and wrote a blog about books, bookishgirl.com.au, from 2010 to 2016.

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Taboo by Kim Scott book cover

Properly Alive: Taboo by Kim Scott

'Taboo is an extraordinary testament to the new energies in Aboriginal storytelling that have emerged since the 1990s, the decade the Mabo decision overturned the legal fiction of terra nullius and recognised Aboriginal land claims in Australian law for the first time. As Scott said in 2012: ‘This is an Aboriginal nation, you know. It’s black country, the continent. Some people are starting to think about: can we graft a contemporary Australian community onto its Indigenous roots?’

Going viral: The Swan Book
by Alexis Wright

The Swan Book bears all the hallmarks of Wright’s astonishing narrative powers: her linguistic dexterity, mashing words and phrases from high and low culture, from English, Aboriginal languages, French and Latin; her humour and scathing satire; her fierce political purpose; her genre bending; her virtuosic gift for interweaving stories on multiple levels, from the literal to the metaphoric, the folkloric and the mythic.