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Stephen Knight is an Honorary Research Professor in Literature at the University of Melbourne, having worked previously for lengthy periods at the Universities of Sydney and Cardiff, U.K. He has published widely on medieval and modern literature, with a special interest in popular modes, such as crime fiction and Robin Hood studies. His most recent books are Australian Crime Fiction : A 200-Year History (Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland) and The Fiction of G.W.M. Reynolds –The Man Who Outsold Dickens (New York and London, Routledge).

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Spooks and Plants:
on the crime fiction of Michael Wilding

'Back in the 1970s Wilding’s column for the alert, even radical, Nation Review was entitled ‘Paranoia’ and delved into possible modes of contemporary thought-control, even at times suggesting material was being ‘planted’ upon authors like himself. In the crime novels the detective Plant seems like his author’s own implantation, not just as the source of a reviewers’ joke, but a seed from which information might slowly burgeon before the reader’s eye.'