New Nature

A Breathing Exercise

So what to do with this ever-increasing urgency and anguish circulating in the atmosphere, and what might we learn from the republication of Watson’s book? What work does the wind do? What does it index? And what can a natural history of the wind possibly teach the Anthropocene?

The New Natural Histories of Mushrooms

Fungi are integral to the functioning of ecosystems; we ignore them (and it seems that in our environmental legislation we do ignore them) at our peril. But this ignoring, sometimes bordering on outright hostility, is being slowly, partially corrected by a literature on fungi and a culture of fungal regard emerging (shiitake-style) from the woodwork (a woodwork they will perhaps go on to devour, if they’ve learnt anything from the wood-rotting fungi that Pouliot proudly claims have sunk more ships than all the naval battles since 1600).



An Ocean and an Instant

Grief teaches us that time is plastic. A lifetime is an ocean and an instant.

Notes on a Track

Once, not so long ago, I walked the South Coast Track in Tasmania.

C is for Cockroach

‘I decide to live, for now, as a German cockroach, or Blattela germanica. The name is derived from the Latin germa, meaning crawling, and blat, meaning pieces of shit. The downside of my choice is that I will be unable to fly.’


I leave the path to cut east through the scrub. The distant train thunders behind me: it’s west. I have a compass on a length of guy line around my neck, and another in my pack. I don’t use them because I want to find the waterfall without help, as a test of memory or bushcraft, or some pointless Oedipal echo of an old atavism. Environment as a theatre of bloodymindedness: a thought as foreign to Dharawal as I am.

Eastern Blue Groper


Forest City

In the forest city all organisms are agents that negotiate relationships...


So I am wondering where things stand in this ‘nation of meat-eaters’...