Update: Cementa 2021

Call for applications: Regional Writer’s Program with Cementa 2021

The SRB and Cementa Inc are seeking proposals from regional writers in NSW to develop essays for online publication on the SRB. We’re interested in proposals that reflect on the working lives of writers and artists. All commissions will be published as part of the SRB’s perennial Writers at Work series, in which we ask writers to reflect on what it is that makes writers and writing, what conditions our literary and other creative cultures. 

Writers will be provided with close editorial support from the SRB to write a 2000w essay. The essay might take the form of memoir, interview, reportage or another narrative form. We’re open to hybrid visual/text essays, interviews and collaborative proposals. 

Please send a one-page cover letter to editor@sydneyreviewofbooks.com detailing your interest in writing for the SRB and a proposal, along with a writing sample, by Tuesday 13 July. A panel comprised of representatives from Cementa Inc and the SRB will select work for publication. We’re open to proposals from writers at every stage of their careers, and from other disciplines. We’re looking for original reflections and observations on the particular circumstances that shape the working lives of regional artists. Selected writers will meet with the SRB editor to discuss their pitches and a working timeframe for drafts, editorial meetings and publication. Essays will be published prior to Cementa Inc 2021, in October. Writers will be paid a $1000 stipend for their work. 

Published June 21, 2021