Anthony Macris

Anthony Macris

is author of the Capital novels.

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is author of the Capital novels. He is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Technology Sydney.

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Inexperience and other stories by Anthony Macris

A Real Inexperience: Inexperience and other stories

The strangeness of Macris’s stories are not derived from uncommon states...

Road to omission

How do you review the ‘experimental novel’? Critic Watch turns its gaze to the reviews of Anthony Macris’ Great Western Highway: A Love Story (Capital, Volume One, Part Two).

Great Western Highway: A Love Story (Capital, Volume One Part Two) by Anthony Macris cover

On the road again: Great Western Highway: A Love Story

Macris uses his full quiver of unorthodox techniques to pierce any familiar sense of reality, just as he introduces a range of linguistic ephemera – emails, journalese, advertising claptrap – to remind the reader that words can’t be trusted, especially in the novel, the most mendacious of art forms.

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Anthony Macris
Some Rain Must Fall Knausgaard cover

Poor Karl Ove! Knausgaard’s selfie-as-novel

But can this Nordic Untermensch keep us interested?

The novel, sense-making, and Mao

‘The world of work I was to enter in the early 1980s saw an Australia at a tipping point, steeped in a kind of clanking, mechanical/electrical Fordist modernity, but on the cusp of radical change. This was the world I was entering, and it was the world I wanted to engage with as a writer. But how could I do this in the form of the novel? I wanted to capture the shift as it was lived and felt, to give a sense of the momentum building, to bear witness to the fact that we were entering a new epoch.’ Anthony Macris on making sense of the world