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Dion Kagan is a writer, editor and researcher.


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Dion Kagan is writer, editor and researcher. His writing has appeared in Australian Book Review, LitHub, Metro, Screen Education, Kill Your Darlings, The Big Issue, The Conversation, Archer and academic journals including Sexualities and Continuum.

Dion is a columnist for The Lifted Brow and a co-host on fortnightly culture podcast The Rereaders. His book, Positive Images: Gay Men and the Culture of Post-Crisis, is out with I. B. Tauris in 2018.

Dion has a PhD from the University of Melbourne where he lectured in gender and cultural studies. He is now a books editor at Black Inc.

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Down the Hume by Peter Polites

Nursing Grievances: Neoliberal Noir in Peter Polites’ Down the Hume

This ambitious re-situating of the noir in the ethnically diverse Australian city, with its complicated stratifications of class and ethnicity, raises the question of what the genre can do for these new contexts. Noir has long offered a space for airing working-class grievances, and for smuggling in queer and feminist subtexts. What, then, does noir do for contemporary Western Sydney, and what can it do for the children of migrants and working-class queers in Australia? Can the genre be re-inhabited in ways that self-consciously expose the grim machinations and effects of new types of economic, psychic and social exclusion while delivering, concurrently, the reading pleasures of mystery and melodrama? It is certainly a lot to pull off.