Venessa Berry

Vanessa Berry

is a writer and visual artist.

About Vanessa Berry

Vanessa Berry is a writer and visual artist. She is the author of Mirror Sydney (2017), Ninety9 (2013) and Strawberry Hills Forever (2007) and the blog Mirror Sydney.

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Mirror Sydney by Vanessa Berry book cover

Eccentric Guides:
Vanessa Berry’s Mirror Sydney

Mirror Sydney appeals to the notion that people live inside worlds of their own making. This suggests both a certain comprehensiveness or completeness and a limitation: the globe is known in form but so are its borders. However, this is also a world post-globalisation: the great exhibitions of the colonial project have become abandoned variety stores and theme parks, the pathos of which comes from quaintness or the strange, instead of authority or splendour.

Articles by Vanessa Berry

Excavating St Peters

‘This is a typical St Peters scene: unlovely, surreal, resistant to investigation.’

Post-Industrial, Holland Street, St Peters.