Anthony Uhlmann

Anthony Uhlmann is Professor of Literature and Creative Writing in the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney. He is the author of Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov (2011) and two books on Samuel Beckett, Beckett and Poststructuralism (1999) and Samuel Beckett and the Philosophical Image (2006), both with Cambridge UP. He was the editor of the Journal of Beckett Studies from 2008-2013. His most recent monograph is J. M. Coetzee, Truth, Meaning, Fiction (Bloomsbury, 2020). He has also published collections of essays on Gerald Murnane, Another World in this One, Gerald Murnane’s Fiction (2020), and Gail Jones, Inner and Outer Worlds: Gail Jones’ Fiction (2022) both with Sydney University Press. He is also the author of a novel, Saint Antony in his Desert (UWAP, 2018).

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