Riana Head-Toussaint

Riana Head-Toussaint is an interdisciplinary crip/disabled artist of Afro-Caribbean heritage. Her work often crosses traditional artform boundaries, and exists in online and offline spaces. She employs choreography, performance, film, text, sound design, immersive installation and audience activation to create works that interrogate entrenched systems, structures and ways of thinking; and advocate for social change.
Her practice is deeply informed by her movement language and embodied-experience as a wheelchair-user, her self-taught artistic background, and her training as a legal practitioner. Her work also involves broader curatorial/space-making projects aimed at increasing artistic opportunities and fostering connection between traditionally sidelined and marginalised artists. A qualified solicitor, Riana has also worked in various investigative, policymaking and executive/research positions at the Australian Human Rights Commission and other public interest advocacy bodies. Riana currently lives and works on unceded Darug and Gadigal Country.