Catriona Menzies-Pike

Catriona Menzies-Pike

is the editor of the Sydney Review of Books.

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Catriona Menzies-Pike is the editor of the Sydney Review of Books.

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Call for EOIs | September 2018

A call for expressions of interest to write an essay on Parramatta.

An uncertain grace by Krissy Kneen book cover

A Fluctuating Charm:
An Uncertain Grace

'An Uncertain Grace is a strange, daring and clever novel and Kneen’s openness to connections that many other novelists never dream of making is exhilarating. Her characters wreck themselves with sex and science as they seek ways to live with extinctions, inundations and pollution – and yet Kneen is able to salvage optimism from the wreckage. '

Old Computer
Four book covers in a row

James Bradley: Fitting the Pieces Together

‘All books are a combination of R&D and crowd pleasing.’

A Note from the Editor

A new website, funding success, and a bevy of emerging critics.

A Note from the Editor

A community of free-thinking, intelligent critics, engaged with Australian and international literatures in their many forms, our office shelves groaning with new books for them to consider, more readers than ever – all flourishing in what’s generally agreed to be the most difficult funding environment in 40 years. We’re looking forward to watching the pendulum swing in the opposite direction so that we may continue to give expression to this flourishing in the years to come.

Emerging Critics Fellowship

We are inviting applications for the inaugural Copyright Agency-SRB Emerging Critics Fellowships. Applications close on 31 May 2016.

Being Geniuses Together

Why do critics line up to write about some books – and shy away from others? The current eddy of interest in a new, young experimental Australian writer, Jack Cox, presents an irresistible opportunity to comment on the reception of difficult literary fiction and the difficulty of separating a debut novel such as Dodge Rose from the buzz that precedes it.

Long Hot Summer

The year has ended on a sour note for the literary sector. The consequences of major cuts to the Australia Council’s funding pool are now becoming apparent – and there are no new funding lifelines in sight. The SRB will resume publication in February 2016. In the meantime, happy summer holidays to all SRB readers!

Peter Blamey brick

All Things To All Comers: SRB Survey Results

‘A mature critical culture isn’t monotheistic and it isn’t the role of a journal such as the SRB to massage consensus. Rather, we’re open to disruptions, to provocation, and to a diversity of critical perspectives. We expect our contributors to be courageous, ethical and independent in their criticism and we will defend them if their conclusions prove unpopular, as is not infrequently the case.’ SRB editor Catriona Menzies-Pike on the results of our first ever reader survey and the year ahead at the SRB.

giacomo carmagnola
George Raftopoulos, Museum Quality, 2015, mixed media on canvas, 201 x 183cm

Writing, Editing: An Interview with Ellen van Neerven

‘I think Indigenous writers kind of need each other. I feel that more and more, that sense of camaraderie and community. We challenge each other to write better. It is sometimes hard when you’re perhaps the only black writer on a festival or you’re put into a situation where you have to represent a whole community. That’s why we take strength from each other.' SRB editor Catriona Menzies-Pike speaks with Ellen van Neerven.

Ellen van Neerven

Little Things I Should Have Said And Done

The brief and painful Brandis era of arts policy was marked by the sector’s loss of confidence in the government’s consultation processes. If Mitch Fifield can provide more effective channels of communication than open letters, he will have a headstart on his predecessor.

rochelle haley, lemniscate construction 6

Sofie Laguna: ‘There Is No Reader In The Room’

‘I am meant to be a writer– but it is the actor in me who writes. What I mean by that is that I joyfully inhabit the voice of a character as if I’m playing that character.’ Miles Franklin winner Sofie Laguna speaks to the SRB about her fiction and the forces that have shaped her as a writer.

Sophie Laguna

21 August 2015: Places beyond Earth

‘Perhaps the faraway can only really be reached through writing, and the faraway is just that which can be imagined, idealised, and never explained’ - Chinese novelist Sheng Keyi on the distances she negotiates through her writing. As the China-Australia Literary Forum approaches, the Sydney Review of Books considers the ways in which literature can bridge cultural and geographical distances.

Librarians’ Tea Party

Australian libraries are full of letters, diaries, drafts and handwritten recipes that can never be published thanks to our archaic copyright laws. While living authors struggle to protect their financial interest in their writing, unpublished works are stuck in the limbo of indefinite copyright – and it’s inhibiting the study of Australian literature and history.

australian contemporary art; Vicky Browne; ceramics; ceramic art; australian ceramics

7 August 2015: Critical Ecology

The interdependencies between criticism and a thriving literary culture are complex and multiple. The critical practice that flourishes at the Sydney Review of Books has been made possible in part thanks to generous funding from the Australia Council. The vitality of the magazine, however, ultimately relies not only on the stability of our own funding but also on a well-funded and diverse literary sector that exists as a part of a healthy arts ecology.