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Fiona McGregor is a Sydney writer and performance artist.

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Fiona McGregor is a Sydney writer and artist. She has published five books including Strange Museums, a travel memoir of a performance art tour through Poland. Her latest novel Indelible Ink won Age Book of the Year. McGregor’s essays, articles and reviews appear in publications including Overland, Runway, Running Dog, The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. Her photoessay A Novel Idea, a tongue-in-cheek documentation of novel-writing through the rubric of endurance performance, will be published by Giramondo in June 2019.

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The Hot Desk:
Working Hot by Mary Fallon

Working Hot is a novel about dykes in Sydney, written with an experimental verve that still dazzles today. Author Mary Fallon was 38 when she published it. I was 23, writing short fiction, working in Abbey’s Bookshop to pay the rent, and unsure of my sexuality. I remember reading The Kinsey Report out the back during lunch hour and being blown away by all the gay sex in 1950s USA. If, I calculated, there was the proverbial 10 per cent back then, surely now there were that many more. Indeed, in late 1980s Sydney, it didn’t take long to find sexy dykes, for this was the beginning of an explosion of queer female performativity in bars and at parties, overtly and often abjectly sexual, that has never abated, despite myriad oppressive forces. What the wildest girls did on stage infected our entire community, making Sydney one of the dirtiest, dykiest places on earth, if not the.