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George Kouvaros is Professor of Film Studies in the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW. He is the author of five books as well as numerous journal articles, book chapters and interviews on aspects of film, photography and visual culture. His most recent book is The Old Greeks: Photography, Cinema, Migration (UWA Publishing, 2018).

Articles about George Kouvaros

Still (and) Moving Images:
The Old Greeks: Photography,
Cinema, Migration

‘Beginning with his mother’s creased identity card from the era when Cyprus was colonised by the British Kouvaros links the great themes of twentieth-century migration to the affective structures provided by both photography and cinema that give a purchase for those lost and uprooted individuals swept up in these global eddies. His relatively short and multi-faceted meditation provides an analytical scaffold as well as a moving response to his own question—what do we owe our ancestors and the dead?’

Articles by George Kouvaros

Whatever Could Have Happened?
John Hughes’ No One

‘What No One evidences is that a story can be told by other means, and that the question of how we narrate the traumas of the past need not be reduced to a choice between silence or speech. Abjuring both of these position, it embodies another form of storytelling that draws on the communicative potential of whispers and the intimations of sounds that inhabit our unconscious lives like strangers buried deep within.’