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James Boyce is the acclaimed author of Van Diemen’s Land,  1835, Born Bad and Losing Streak. His books have been shortlisted for almost every major Australian literary award and he has won the Tasmania Book Prize on two occasions.1835 was the 2012 Age Book of the Year. He is a University Associate in Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania

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Dancing with Strangers by Inga Clendinnen book cover

Origin Story: Dancing with Strangers

'Dancing with Strangers would have an honoured place in Australian historiography by virtue of the skill, intelligence and literary brilliance of its author alone. It is the product of a lifetime spent interrogating first-encounter texts to reveal and make understandable their hidden truths. But what is most remarkable about the book is the invitation it extends to readers to learn and wonder in the company of such a brilliant historian. '