Sydney Review of Books Index 2023

TSAO, Tiffany, When We Became the People from Bloomington, ESSAY 

LEANE, Jeanine, Cultural Rigour: First Nations Critical Culture, ESSAY  

DOBBS, Katie, Tender Maulings, REVIEW on An Ordinary Ecstasy
by Luke Carman 

RIORDAN, Kevin, World Literature Comes Full Circle, 1522-2022, ESSAY 

CRAWFORD, Anwen, All the Young Grooves, REVIEW 

NGO, May, Sharpening Sentences, REVIEW 

DOVEY, Ceridwen, Telling Stories From The Perspectives Of Objects, ESSAY 

WRIGHT, Fiona, Off The Record, REVIEW 

JOHNSON, Bruce, These Are The Suburbs, REVIEW 

CAMPBELL, Mel, Smoothing Things Over, ESSAY 

CAWARD, Clinton, To pose or not to pose?, REVIEW 

CHEONG, Megan, Good Mother, Bad Mother, Art Mother, REVIEW 

BORCZYK, Kasumi, The Writer Who No Longer Wrote, REVIEW 

TRAYNOR, Paul, I Write For A Living, ESSAY 

COLE, Jessie, On Art as Love (and everything in between), ESSAY 

GREIG, Elias, A Cricle Married to a Line, ESSAY 

ALLINGTON, Patrick, The Lived Experience of Reading, REVIEW 

LORANGE, Astrid & BROOKS, Andrew: Silverfish, Weevil, Ibis, REVIEW 

SUN, Michael, Against Lifestyle, REVIEW 

MCCANN, Hannah, You Got This Mama, ESSAY 

DEAN, Andrew, AI and the Future of Literary Studies, ESSAY 

HAMMOUD, Ali, That I May Unfold The Pain Of Yearning, REVIEW 

HUNGERFORD, Jocelyn, Acts of Living, REVIEW 

SHARMA, Sophiya, The Lore of Departure, ESSAY 

LEY, James, Alienation is the Philistinism of the Intellectual, ESSAY 

KINSELLA, John, ‘I think I know that smile’, REVIEW  

LORANGE, Astrid, Calling Bullshit, REVIEW 

BISCOTTI, Angelita, Edge-Work, REVIEW 

KLEE, Louis, Weird Unemployment, Unusual Work, ESSAY  

REESON, Oliver, A Kind of Truth, REVIEW 

MENZIES-PIKE, Catriona, Fool’s Gold, REVIEW 

O’BRIEN, Ellen, Journey to Here, ESSAY 

TUMARKIN, Maria, Filling in Time Reading Vasily Grossman While Waiting for S, REVIEW 

ABOOD, Paula & AHMED, Safdar, Anxious Caring, VISUAL ESSAY 

PHELAN, Bastian Fox, Perambulating, ESSAY 

GUL, Hellai, For There She is, Out of the Shadow, REVIEW 

REESON, Oliver, Seeking Derangement, REVIEW 

GELDER, Christian & KLEE, Louis, The Antipodean School, ESSAY 

VARATHARAJAN, Prithvi, Literary Migrations, REVIEW 

PATTERSON, Luke, Dreaming Inside-Out, REVIEW 

FARRELL, Michael, Thick Pickings, REVIEW 

SAYYADI, Kobra, Unveiling through art: in conversation with Cigdem Aydemir, INTERVIEW 

BORCZYK, Kasumi, Narrative Hoard, REVIEW 

SAUNDERS, Mykaela, Think of the Children!, REVIEW 

LEANE, Jeanine, Everlasting Sovereignty, REVIEW 

GUNAYDIN, Eda, Saved by Books, REVIEW 

WEAVER, Rachael, Think Fast, ESSAY 

DOBBS, Katie, Back to the Old House, REVIEW 

WALSH, Melanie, Where is all the Book Data?, ESSAY 

MADIN, Jack & SERVICE, Ed, Musicking Communitas, ESSAY 

TAYLOR, Stayci, SHAW, Oliver, RENDLE-SHORT, Francesca, MURRAY, Peta, MUNRO, Kim, MAGNER, Brigid, HAWKINS, Ames & ELLIS, Melody, Collaborative effervescence through communitas, EXPERIMENTAL ESSAY 

ASH, Romy & MICHAEL, Rose, A Third Space: Giving voice to works in progress, ESSAY 

ROBITAILLE, Iana, Neoliberal Keywords: Creative, Passionate, Confident, REVIEW 

CHEONG, Megan, There It Is, REVIEW 


THE EXPANDED WRITERS COLLECTIVE, Archipelagos of grief: crises partially digested, EXPERIMENTAL ESSAY 

KINSELLA, John, Shadow Dance, REVIEW 

DALEY, Linda & MAGNER, Brigid, Streaming Together: Audiobooks as shared reading, ESSAY 

VUCIC, Dženana, Migratory Flights, ESSAY 

FLEMING, Joan, The Half-Life of Caution, REVIEW 

LEY, James, Poetry of the Flesh, REVIEW  

QUAH, Ee Ling, Gender and Power, ESSAY 

LEANE, Jeanine, Close Encounters, ESSAY 

MCHUGH-DILLON, Ruth, Settling Scores: in conversation with Ellen Van Neerven, INTERVIEW 

LORANGE, Astrid, Writing Gender, ESSAY 

ARALUEN, Evelyn, Reading and Speaking With, ESSAY 

ROSSMANITH, Kate, On Not Asking ‘Should I Insert Myself in the Text?’, ESSAY 

EDMOND, Martin, Fragments of the divine, REVIEW 

CRAWFORD, Anwen, Peripheral Vision, REVIEW 

MARTIN, Toby, From Little Things, REVIEW 

WOOLLETT, Laura Elizabeth, Paying to Play, ESSAY 

BURNS, Shannon, Notes of an Anxious Son, REVIEW 

COLLEE, Lauren, Living Through Allegory, REVIEW 

MENZIES-PIKE, Catriona, As Pluck Would Have It, REVIEW 

COX, George, The Never-Ending Letter, REVIEW 

SAVAGE, Ellena, Can the Baby Speak?, REVIEW 

UHLMANN, Anthony, Desiring Fiction, REVIEW 

MCGREGOR, Caitlin, Mad Pride, REVIEW 

EARP, Joseph, The Slow Decline of the (Inner) West, REVIEW 

SCOTT, Ronnie, What is it Like to be a Book?, ESSAY 

SAHHAR, Micaela, Death of the Bystander, REVIEW

KASSAB, Yumna, The Rooster and the Watermelon, ESSAY

Published December 8, 2023